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We are pleased to announce the 6th Annual Seaside Heights Sand Soccer Storm Tournament to be held the weekend of June 18-19, 2016!  However, little is known about the frequency and characteristics of injuries during beach soccer games. Local youngsters at Oceanfront Virginia Beach, have been gaining valuable beach soccer expertise and coaching from Barcelona and Spain legend Ramiro Amarelle as part of the North American Sand Soccer Championships (NASSC). Sand Socks will be available to purchase from Vincere Sports in every size and color.The Coconut Beach Summer Sand Soccer 5 v 5 League will kick off June 15 at Coconut Beach in Kenner.  Instead, the children in the training camp will be coached by Barcelona`s sand soccer squad and its coach, Ramiro Amarelle, a former captain of Barcelona`s and Spain`s beach soccer teams. The Virginia Beach Sand Soccer Tournament has been selected by the Tourism Society as one of the top 20 events of summer, so it is sure not to disappoint. All teams are scheduled 6 games: three 25-minute games and three 50-minute games.
Festival proceeds benefit the privately-operated Hampton Roads Soccer Council” 75-acre Soccer Complex in Virginia Beach. A total of 231 teams participated in the Soccer in the Sand event at Grand Haven State Park — up from 162 teams last year. As a benefit of being a registered member of the tournament you are invited to join us from 6p-10p for the screening of the family favorite movie and Disney blockbuster, Inside Out.IWBSA has already implemented some impressive new changes; a new league structure with some of Europe`s best beach soccer players and clubs, a new tournament the Pro-Am cup (the first of its kind in this country) and youth championships, community based projects, courses and coaching. Beach soccer and Futsal were two major factors cited as reasons for the development of top players. Between matches go surfing, shopping or have lunch in downtown HB or right on the beach. In both of aforementioned seasons, the Corporation will participate in the Midland Area Youth Soccer League.
Casey Tingen won the 50 and 100-meter backstroke to lead the Williamsburg Aquatic Club`s A Division competitors at the River City Open in Richmond May 20-22. The weather in Phoenix in February is sunny and warm - an inviting retreat for every soccer team! No team is guaranteed a spot in the tournament just because they have participated in a previous year. The time-loss injury rate in this study was comparable to the rates reported during the matches of soccer or futsal tournaments. Look for them on the website approximately ten days prior to your tournament weekend.Besides Europe, who continued to use the Euro Beach Soccer League as the method of World Cup qualification until 2008, all other confederations hosted their first championships in 2006 in view of the finals later that year. Cusco acknowledges that, from a marketing perspective, a lack of big-name stars has been something of a challenge for beach soccer. Tahitian team captain Naea Bennett, however, was upset at the suggestion that soccer was to blame.
After a flu outbreak in Rio de Janeiro canceled the tournament in 1918, Brazil hosted the tournament in 1919 and was crowned champion for the first time after defeating the defending champions 1-0 in a playoff match to decide the title, while the Chilean city of Viña del Mar would host the 1920 event which was won by Uruguay. Another thing that may hurt you transitioning from sand to grass would be positional awareness and soccer understanding. Earlier, Cusco had praised the efforts being made by the Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIRI) and its beach soccer committee.However, we acknowledge that care must be taken with interpretation because not only playing condition but also rules and refereeing differ between these. For Cusco, that must change if beach soccer is to go some way to bridging the gap between itself and what he calls the sport`s big brother”. Graham Zusi, Kyle Beckerman and Chris Wondolowski all made their first starts of the tournament in place of Bedoya, Jones and Wood. In the Asian Beach Games, none of the beach soccer injuries was secondary to a foul.